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Why “give” to support the North Dakota Public Information Officer Association (NDPIO):

Have you been on the receiving end of an emergency and look to the respective agency to provide you with public information? You want it organized and presented professionally and effectively. That only happens when you have a solid and trained communications team in place to accomplish this whether it’s a widespread flood, tornado, snowstorm, or a civil disturbance. If an association of PIO Communicators can respond, you are going to get the information you need in a timely manner.

By donating to the NDPIO and with your support and belief in our mission, our team can help and assist local, state, tribal and federal communication professionals across North Dakota. Your donation will fund a “member centered” webpage that will allow our members to access resources, build on best practices, training, and networking opportunities, host an annual 2023 NDPIO Annual Conference and most important, be an asset to North Dakota that if/when an emergency or incident occurs, assembling a team to assist is immediate and streamlined.

Purpose of NDPIO:

The North Dakota Public Information Officer Association (NDPIO) which was founded in 2021, brings Public Information Officer and communicators from across North Dakota together to build on best practices, share resources and ideas, offer training and networking opportunities, and bring a unity to all Public Information Officers (PIO) serving in various public service agencies. The NDPIO membership includes full-time and part-time PIOs, but also those who are responsible for PIO-type duties. The NDPIO Association is a 501c3 non-profit statewide organization made up of professional communicators who work in local, state, tribal, federal, or other public safety venues. This organization is dedicated to the principles of open government.

While titles and roles vary, many members serve as the media contact for their organization. Other roles may include public relations, public education, social media management, photography, videography, digital and print design, website management, speech writing, government relations, media distribution, open record management and emergency communications management, or a combination of these roles or other related roles. NDPIO is dedicated to the professional development and enhancement of its members. The association offers opportunities for members to meet throughout the year to network and exchange information, resources, ideas, and news related to the public information profession.