Board of Directors

Clint Fleckenstein

At Large

Clint Fleckenstein started in state government in 2011, joining the Emergency Preparedness & Response Section of the North Dakota Department of Health as a Multimedia Specialist.  He arrived at DOH just in time to begin streaming live video briefings and other materials related to the 2011 floods, and he’s been providing online delivery of public information ever since.  Clint has two passions: live video production and emergency response. 

Being part of TeamND has provided plenty of opportunity for those passions; Clint’s produced multiple town halls and other live events, in person and virtual, for myriad state agencies.  He joined the state JIC during the DAPL protests, providing the Unified Command with audio and video material for public information, situational awareness, and intel/evidence.  During the COVID-19 response he produced nearly a hundred press conferences, dozens of video briefings with health and medical partners, public information materials and supporting assets, and historical documentation of response activity.

In December 2022 Clint began a new adventure at the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services as an Autonomous Systems and Communications Specialist, a position which provides plenty of opportunity to tinker with technology and collaborate with stakeholders around North Dakota.  In addition to his video communications work, Clint works to integrate technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Systems into the state’s emergency response operations.

He’s worked in broadcasting, post production, and event A/V since 1988.  He has a Speech Communications degree from Bismarck State College and experience in writing and public speaking, but Clint spends most of his time behind the scenes, operating all the fun gadgetry.  He has eagerly devoured myriad FEMA trainings in public information and other specialties.  He’s a fierce defender of the Oxford comma.

Clint freelances for live events and leads the audio/video ministry at his church, streaming worship services every weekend.  In his limited spare time, he enjoys photography, motorcycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, and generally chasing an adrenaline rush.  He has an extensive movie and music collection and can drop trivia, lyrics, or references in an instant.

Clint is blessed with a wonderful wife and two incredible boys who recently became teenagers.  Clint and his son volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol, and he has recently accepted the position of Communications Officer for the Bismarck Composite Squadron.